This Sucks

"And I will make sure to keep my distance. Say, "I love you," and you're not listening" 
- Christina Perri, Distance.

Soooo... this is what it feels like.

The Power of My Voice / Jinxed

Last Sunday, I went for my usual morning jog/walk.

I was loving every minute of it because I had my music with me, the sun behaved itself and the breeze was great!

Suddenly, Maroon 5's Sunday Morning came on and I turned the music up louder. Such a perfect moment for an ideal song. 

As I silently sang along to these words... "Sunday morning, rain is falling..."...

Rain REALLY dropped from the sky.

Either my singing is shiteous or mother nature just decided to screw with me.

How Does One Say 'Les Miserables' Anyway?

I can never get this right.

I've googled 'How to pronounce Les Miserables' and I thought the answer I got was accurate until I started saying it out. I guess it wasn't because when I said it (I thought that made me sound damn sophisticated and smart), people gave me that 'omgwtfbbqetc did you just say?' look. Then, they'll correct me. Best part is... I still can't remember the correct way of saying it. Either I'm deaf or these people don't even know it anyway and just simply mumble the answer.

So what is it? Enlighten me please.
Or I'll just stick to my own way of saying it - (pronounced) Lays Miserable(s)

And I thought Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was difficult.

Random thought of the day.

Here Comes The Fan Girl in Me!

Posted that on my Instagram last night.

Glad to have met this fello because not only is he talented and hilarious, he also woke the sleeping writer in me. I'll take his advice - be shameless and write like as if I'm bloody awesome at it.

Am I A Travelholic? Almost.

Who knew travelling could be so much fun! 

Exploring and seeing the world was never at the top of my to-do list but after my first holiday out of Malaysia, I was hooked! Although it may require loads of moolah to reach my desired holiday destination, the feeling I get when I see breath taking views or simply gorgeous architectures is simply... priceless. It makes my heart skip so many beats and I love how that makes me feel.

So far, I've only been to a handful of places - Macau, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore. Next up, JAPAN, baby! So yeah, I'm pretty excited. But before I get there, the only challenge I have to overcome is saving truckloads of money so that I can fully enjoy my trip. Can't wait!

Next up? Maybe a break from Asian countries.

That's all. Just felt like putting my writing energy to good use. 

Happy month of June, y'all!

Just My Two Cents

Before 05/05, I was skeptical.
I asked myself, "Why should I care?".
My voice won't be heard anyway and it won't make a difference at all.

But then, something struck me. It made me believe that if I care, I can make a difference. The positive change I always longed for was actually in my hands. My hope automatically shot sky high. I was pumped.

So, 05/05 came and went. What's new? Nothing much. Same old. Maybe worst.
My hope for positive change has circled down the drain. I mean, what's the point of caring when our fate lies in the hands of a gigantic puppet master, and not us? Waste of time, right?

A part of me is saying "screw it!" but another part of me is telling me to hang in there because goodness is on it's way. All we need is a little bit of patience. Okay, maybe shit loads of patience.

Positive change will come, I believe. And hope. And pray.
It's just a matter of time.

PS: Instead of taking 12274623896236 steps back, how about moving forward and adapting to the current "trend"? Racism and being a sore loser is soooooo 1910.

PPS: We're not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again. (Hellz yes, I love this quote)

Ok. bye.

Just Give Me A Reason by Pink & Nick Ruess

One of the tunes that's on replay in my personal playlist... for now.

Get ready... set... go... sing this song like as if you're singing it with one of them!!! Don't forget to add in some overly emotional facial expressions too.

Simply The Best

One of the best feelings in the world was when my mother said 'Wow! I'm impressed! Good job!' when she read my writing material. It's truly motivating and inspiring to me, knowing that such thing is appreciated.

Previously, at work, no one would tell me that my writing was good. It was either rejected or always modified. I guess rejection and modification did help make a difference in this thing I would like to call 'talent'. Hah!

Once again, I'm reminded about why I chose to fall in love with writing in the first place. I like writing because I get to say things that I'm too shy to voice out and it somehow makes me think even more than I usually do.

So, thank you mommy!

Me and writing... it's definitely a love-hate relationship.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

I just realized something...

I seem to be pushing people around me to do things that I wanna do, knowing damn well that they don't wanna do it and that I can't.

Example: Eating cheese baked rice. I would make people eat cheese bake rice because I long for cheese bake rice and I know I shouldn't be touching that evil goodness. Seeing them devour that cheese bake rice will somehow satisfy me. Weird, right?

My point is, just because I can't do something, I find it satisfying if someone else does it on my "behalf". 

I guess I should stop this. If that's my dream, I should go after it. Not send someone on my behalf. 

There, hope I made sense.